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Your favorite sports bar is no match for the variety and quality of these Plan>It sports bar games!

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Pinball: Striker Extreme

It's the International Soccer Championship and your country is in contention for the cup.

Pinball: Twilight Zone

You unlock this door with the key of imagination.

Pinball: World Series of Poker

Great for casino themes.

Pinball: X-Files

Based on the television series of the same name.

Pinball: Xenon

Explore the science fiction world of Xenon, where many mysteries await.

Ping Pong Table

Challenge opponents on this miniature version of tennis - with paddles and light-weight ping pong ball.

Pool Table

Test your pool shark abilities as you shoot for the pockets on our pool tables.

Power Pong

PowerPong™ takes a classic college game and brings it to the public. The game is simple. Set up the cups and take turns tossing a ping pong ball into the cups eliminating each cup that you make until you have made all your opponents cups.

Putting Challenge (Electronic)

Perfect your putt without those pesky fairways slowing you down.

Rock N' Bowl

A brilliant new video bowling game with music, and the most fun you can have without lacing up your bowling shoes!

Shuffle Shot

Shuffleboard, Bocce, Bull's-eye, & Shuffle Alley all at your fingertips.


Aim your puck to the pyramid and push!

Six Gun Select

Four Classic Games in One! Fast Draw Show Down, The Last Bounty Hunter, Mad Dog McCree, & Mad Dog McCree 2

Skee Ball

One of the all-time classics!

Skee Ball - LED

Our newest Skee Ball lane is loaded with new features that make the games look great and function effortlessly. The classic game play brings nostalgia to your event, while the sleek, modern design powers it into the future. The new LED lighting and digita

Split the Uprights

Kick off with the pros!


Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this high energy game a true winner.

Super Chex Hockey

Two to Four players can compete in this miniature replica of an ice hockey rink, complete with crowd ooohs and aahhhhs.

Two Minute Drill

The most challenging football game ever!

Virtual Reality Golf

Now you can tee up on a choice of many world famous golf courses, realistically projected onto a larger than life screen.

Virtual Tennis

Perfect for any sports theme party, this oversized arcade game will give you the sensation of real match play!

Virtual Tennis BIG Screen

Play one-on-one against your boss, or team up for some doubles action against this huge 65" screen.

Wii Gaming Console

Wii know what's hot.....

World Series

Effectively blends arcade action and realistic simulation.

XBox 360 ( w/ Kinect)

The hottest in Gaming Systems!

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