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Soccer Shootout

Play like Pele and score the winning goal.

Soul Surfer

An interactive surfing game where the player uses a real surfboard to have his or her character ride large on screen waves.

Split the Uprights

Kick off with the pros!

Sport Court

Perfect for any Sport imaginable!

Sports Challenge Obstacle Course

Are you up for the ultimate challenge? You must carry a ball, scale over a hurdle, and race through an uphill tunnel - only to find yourself faced with a wall that you must high jump over.

Sports Speed Cage (Inflatable w/backdrop):

Check out your speed at pitching a baseball, kicking a soccer ball, or passing a football.

Sumo Wrestling - Adult or Junior

The laughs start when you step into the giant padded foam Sumo suit.

Super Alpine Racer (4 units pictured)

This remake of the arcade classic comes with brand new characters and completely redesigned courses.

Super Bounce Basketball (2-4 Player)

One of the most exciting and fast-moving sports ever created for the interactive game market.

Super Bounce Powerball/Highball

For those who think Super Bounce Basketball has a little too much finesse and not enough slamming and jamming.

Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

No need to wait for winter to experience the joy of ice skating...

T-Ball Challenge

This premium interactive inflatable combines the simplicity of T-Ball with the excitement of a batting cage.

Three Pointer

It's the Fourth Down and the crowd hushes in anticipation as you contemplate your field goal kick.

Top Skater

A stand-up realistic simulator will have you doing tricks in no time!

Tsunami Surfer

Virtual Reality Surfing!

TT-4 Way Trampoline Thing

Ever dreamed of being a part of Cirque du Soleil?

Two Minute Drill

The most challenging football game ever!


The Arcade Legends 25" Cocktail table is one of the most unique table offerings in the industry.

Virtual Fishing

This incredibly realistic experience is as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Virtual Reality Golf

Now you can tee up on a choice of many world famous golf courses, realistically projected onto a larger than life screen.

Virtual Sportsman

This realistic simulation will amaze you with its true to life feel and accuracy.

Virtual Tennis

Perfect for any sports theme party, this oversized arcade game will give you the sensation of real match play!

Virtual Tennis BIG Screen

Play one-on-one against your boss, or team up for some doubles action against this huge 65" screen.


Complete with net and balls, our volleyball set can be set to any surface.

World of Sports

5 activities in 1 impressive inflatable!

World Series

Effectively blends arcade action and realistic simulation.

X-Treme Sport Challenge

Double the players, double the fun!

XBox 360 ( w/ Kinect)

The hottest in Gaming Systems!

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