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Harley Davidson

Quantum leap to the next generation in motorcycle simulators.

Haunted House

Plan-It Interactive’s Haunted House is a ghoulishly good time!

HD Plasma TV

Wow the crowd with a beautiful full-HD Plasma display!

High Impact

This easy to play classic football game is a blast from the past.

High Striker - Adult

The classic test of strength from the county fair.

High Striker - Junior

For the little "muscle men and women".

Hip-A-Dee Hop Horse Racing

These wacky, inflatable bouncing horses are cute, fun to ride and hilarious to watch.

Home Run Derby

This is the ultimate in baseball simulation.

Huggable Snuggable Bear-Building Station

Get ready to watch your stuffed animal come to life!

Human Bowling

Be the ball.

Human Foosball

The life-size version of the popular table game.

Human Spheres

"American Gladiator" type 6-foot diameter clear inflatable spheres

Hummer Xtreme Challenge

The newest in off road arcade gaming!

Hydro Thunder

You've never experienced anything like the power, speed and thrills of Hydro Thunder Boat super powerboat racing!

Inflatable Mountain

A spectacular visual and an even more spectacular game.

Inflatable Screen

Imagine experiencing your very own drive-in movie!

Inflatable Simon

Jump into this inflatable Simon and test your memory and physical skill.

Interactive Word Find

A variation on the Eliminator that makes for a fantastic corporate team building activity.

Iron Man Obstacle Course

Two opponents face a run covering over 85 feet.

Jukebox-Bose Digital Touch Screen

This BOSE digital jukebox will blow you away.

Jumbo Bounce House

Jump, bounce, flop and dance around inside this classic Bounce House.

Jumbo Connect 4

The classic Connect 4 game just got “super sized”!

Jurassic Adventure

It's an adventure that you'll never forget!


We provide karaoke services specializing in ALL types of music! We have Oldies (50s, 60s and 70s), Rock ‘N Roll, Pop & Hip Hop and everything in between. Our catalog of music boasts over 100,000 songs!

Keg Racers (Themed Football/Basketball)

A hilarious site to see, these motorized kegs on wheels are one of the most popular games at any event.

Kick 3

Test and Improve your reaction time and agility in this "Simon Says" Tae Kwan Do game.

Kick It Pro

GOAL!!! Players kick a ball into the goal platform where sensors capture the velocity and trajectory.


Plan-It Interactive is proud to announce the Kiddiepillar! Fun, colorful and exciting things await each child as they climb, slide, crawl and play inside this magical inflatable.

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Results 121 - 150 of 336
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