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These games are fun for all ages. From smaller tactile experiences for tiny tots that are 100lbs or less to massive 3 story slides that can accommodate children of all ages we have what it takes to keep today’s kids enthralled and entertained.

We specialize in 3 metropolitan areas:

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

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Plan-It Interactive is proud to announce the Kiddiepillar! Fun, colorful and exciting things await each child as they climb, slide, crawl and play inside this magical inflatable.

Lord of the Bounce

Not just another day at the castle.


Introducing the Megawire ~ a larger than life carnival game that will test event the most seasoned carnival game players!

Mining For Gold

Kids and adults alike can enjoy this unique experience that combines education and fun…

Monster Truck Bounce/Slide combo

Rev your Engines, It's Monster Truck Time.

Ocean of Balls

There's nothing quite like diving and swimming through an ocean of brightly colored balls.

Off With Your Head (Adult & JR.)

If you ever wished you had lived during the time of the Knights of the Round Table, here’s your chance.

Paddle Boat Lagoon

An exciting way to turn any flat, solid surface into an instant water park activity.


Tons of fun for the little ones.

Picflips Interactive Flipbook Station

PicFlips is a way to bring your parties to life with the newest craze in customized party favors.

Picnic Game Package

Add some excitement to your next Picnic!


High-level adventure in a setting most kids can only dream about.

Quarterback Challenge

Test your hand-eye coordination as you race against the clock in this challenging yet exciting game.

Quarterback Toss

No football player or football player "want-to-be" can walk by this game without tossing a ball!

Reef Racer Tugboats

Try your hand at navigating the Tugboat Racers through our lagoon.


Catch the RoboSurfer wave.

Rock N' Roll Joust

Jousting has never been so much FUN!

Rockin' Galleon

The world's first inflatable REAL amusement ride!

Roll a Ball Racing

All the thrills of horse racing compressed into this ever-popular game. Just roll a ball up the table to drop through one of the scoring holes to get your horse running. Keep rolling as fast as you can and try to beat your fellow jockeys.

Sabertooth Slide

At 40’ long and over 27’ tall the Sabretooth Tiger Slide is ready to pounce on your next event.

Shark Attack Water Racers

The “Shark Attack” Water Racer offered by Plan-It Interctive is the latest and greatest water accuracy shooting game on the planet!

Shark Slide

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

Shooting Gallery

Our fully customizable high-tech shooting gallery is sure to be the hit of your next event!

Skee Ball

One of the all-time classics!

Skee Ball - LED

Our newest Skee Ball lane is loaded with new features that make the games look great and function effortlessly. The classic game play brings nostalgia to your event, while the sleek, modern design powers it into the future. The new LED lighting and digita

Skid Loader Bounce

This bouncer is loaded with pure fun! The detail on this bouncer is truly incredible - from the spot lights to the giant tracks on the sides. Kids will love bouncing on this realistic, larger-than-life skid loader.

Slam Dunk Basketball

The Slam Dunk is your chance to make a slam dunk without being an all-star basketball player.

Slide/Obstacle Course

A combination of two of our most popular games in one.

Spider Zone (w/slide)

The Spider Zone and Slide - the perfect interactive game combo!

Stagecoach Inflatable

Saddle up and let's go for a ride in the Stagecoach Inflatable Combo.

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Results 31 - 60 of 90
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