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Gladiator Pedestal Joust

Made popular on "American Gladiators".

Haunted House

Plan-It Interactive’s Haunted House is a ghoulishly good time!

Home Run Derby

This is the ultimate in baseball simulation.

Human Foosball

The life-size version of the popular table game.

Inflatable Mountain

A spectacular visual and an even more spectacular game.

Inflatable Screen

Imagine experiencing your very own drive-in movie!

Inflatable Simon

Jump into this inflatable Simon and test your memory and physical skill.

Interactive Word Find

A variation on the Eliminator that makes for a fantastic corporate team building activity.

Iron Man Obstacle Course

Two opponents face a run covering over 85 feet.

Jumbo Bounce House

Jump, bounce, flop and dance around inside this classic Bounce House.

Jurassic Adventure

It's an adventure that you'll never forget!


Plan-It Interactive is proud to announce the Kiddiepillar! Fun, colorful and exciting things await each child as they climb, slide, crawl and play inside this magical inflatable.

Laser Maze

Laser Tag has never been so much fun!

Laser Tag

Enter a futuristic, action-packed game-scape.

Lord of the Bounce

Not just another day at the castle.

Mechanical Bull

If you want the fun and exhilaration of a real bull, without the danger, try our top of the line Mechanical Bull.


This 8 player game has a feel from the infamous TV show Wipeout.

Monster Truck Bounce/Slide combo

Rev your Engines, It's Monster Truck Time.

Obstacle Course 2 mod/3 mod

Fun to play and hilarious to watch.

Ocean of Balls

There's nothing quite like diving and swimming through an ocean of brightly colored balls.


Tons of fun for the little ones.


High-level adventure in a setting most kids can only dream about.

Quarterback Attack

The clock's ticking down, you're in the red zone, the ball's in your hands, everyone is counting on you.

Rat Race Obstacle Course

Tire run, squeeze plays, tackle dummies, tunnels, and a giant slide make for one wild obstacle course.


Catch the RoboSurfer wave.

Rock N' Roll Joust

Jousting has never been so much FUN!

Rockin' Galleon

The world's first inflatable REAL amusement ride!

Sabertooth Slide

At 40’ long and over 27’ tall the Sabretooth Tiger Slide is ready to pounce on your next event.

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Results 31 - 60 of 99
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