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Bring your group together with our interactive team-oriented games that promote camaraderie, delegation and team development.

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Jumbo Connect 4

The classic Connect 4 game just got “super sized”!


We provide karaoke services specializing in ALL types of music! We have Oldies (50s, 60s and 70s), Rock ‘N Roll, Pop & Hip Hop and everything in between. Our catalog of music boasts over 100,000 songs!

King Of The Hammer

Test your power and declare your vigor as you smash the power-gauge with your fullest strength!


A game of skill, where you're the doctor.


Introducing the Megawire ~ a larger than life carnival game that will test event the most seasoned carnival game players!


This 8 player game has a feel from the infamous TV show Wipeout.

Obstacle Course 2 mod/3 mod

Fun to play and hilarious to watch.

Off With Your Head (Adult & JR.)

If you ever wished you had lived during the time of the Knights of the Round Table, here’s your chance.

Pit Stop Challenge

Authentic racing car replicas are perfect for any car racing themed event.

Putting Holes

State-of-the-art, perfectly groomed artificial putting greens

Rat Race Obstacle Course

Tire run, squeeze plays, tackle dummies, tunnels, and a giant slide make for one wild obstacle course.

Rock N' Roll Joust

Jousting has never been so much FUN!

Rock Wall

If you like our inflatable Mountain, then you'll love "The Rock".

Roll a Ball Racing

All the thrills of horse racing compressed into this ever-popular game. Just roll a ball up the table to drop through one of the scoring holes to get your horse running. Keep rolling as fast as you can and try to beat your fellow jockeys.

Scavenger Hunt

This is not only a Scavenger Hunt but also a hiking trek, orientation exercise, and a chance to learn some interesting facts and history about your area and your co-workers.

Segway Racers

Segway is a truly unique experience and that will add just the right feel to any event.

Shark Attack Water Racers

The “Shark Attack” Water Racer offered by Plan-It Interctive is the latest and greatest water accuracy shooting game on the planet!

Shoot to Splash

This is a new exciting version of double-shot basketball.

Sink It (2 units pictured)

Grab a friend and compete head-to-head with the new Sink It Shootout! take better their score!

Skee Ball - LED

Our newest Skee Ball lane is loaded with new features that make the games look great and function effortlessly. The classic game play brings nostalgia to your event, while the sleek, modern design powers it into the future. The new LED lighting and digita

Soccer Shootout

Play like Pele and score the winning goal.

Sports Speed Cage (Inflatable w/backdrop):

Check out your speed at pitching a baseball, kicking a soccer ball, or passing a football.

Sticky Drag Race

Two competitors from each team line up against the dual hook and loop runways.

Sticky Olympics Obstacle Challenge

It's you in your sticky suit against a course infested with hook&loop-covered obstacles.

Strata Ball

This is one of the newest in our team-building games.


Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this high energy game a true winner.

Survivor Obstacle Course

The first radical departure from a straight line obstacle course in inflatable game history.

T-4 Joust

A new twist on an old favorite!

Three Pointer

It's the Fourth Down and the crowd hushes in anticipation as you contemplate your field goal kick.

Tsunami Surfer

Virtual Reality Surfing!

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Results 31 - 60 of 68
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