Team Building Games

Bring your group together with our interactive team-oriented games that promote camaraderie, delegation and team development.

We specialize in 3 metropolitan areas:

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

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Air Shooters/Cannons

Shoot foam balls at value specific targets. Great for Teambuilding, grad nights and more!


Ready. Aim. Fire!

Bathtub Racers

The most fun you'll have in a bathtub!

Beer Pong

Beer pong rentals are perfect for: hosting a tournament, fraternity parties, block parties, tailgating, holiday festivities, birthday bashes, game night, work functions and bachelor/bachelorette parties. EASILY CUSTOMIZABLE!

Big Shot Basketball

This hilarious, wacky and jumbo version of Basketball is not only super fun, but supersized!

Black Ops Obstacle Course

Are you ready to take on the mission?

Bocce Ball Courts

Custom Bocce Ball Courts available for your next event!

Boom Blasters

Boom Blasters are great for team building or fun picnic events!

Bungee Run

Enjoy the exhilaration of the bungee experience­ horizontally.

Coconut Tree Climber

Climb a Coconut Tree just like you are in the Caribbean!

Double Shot Basketball

Two players, two hoops and a rapidly ticking game clock.

Dual Ladder Climb

Competitors test their strength, balance, and climbing ability in this race to the top.


Four contestants dive into a sea of balls, each searching for one of just three differently colored balls hidden inside.

Foosball Table (10 Player)

Just like a regular Foosball table except now it's SUPERSIZED!

Game Show Mania

This system is the ultimate tool for audience motivation and interactive entertainment.

Giant Checkers

Our Giant Checkers takes this popular game to a whole new level!

Giant Chess (Basic)

Less expensive than our hand-carved game, this over sized chess set is perfect for events that are on a budget!

Giant Chess (Handcarved)

Our Giant Chess takes this popular board game to a whole new level!

Giant Twister

Here's the original game with an even bigger twist.

Golf Driving Range (Radar)

Tee it up and show us your swing!

Gotta Go Racers

Hilarious motorized toilets on wheels.

Hip-A-Dee Hop Horse Racing

These wacky, inflatable bouncing horses are cute, fun to ride and hilarious to watch.

Home Run Derby

This is the ultimate in baseball simulation.

Human Bowling

Be the ball.

Human Foosball

The life-size version of the popular table game.

Human Spheres

"American Gladiator" type 6-foot diameter clear inflatable spheres

Inflatable Mountain

A spectacular visual and an even more spectacular game.

Interactive Word Find

A variation on the Eliminator that makes for a fantastic corporate team building activity.

Iron Man Obstacle Course

Two opponents face a run covering over 85 feet.

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Results 1 - 30 of 68
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