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We have the latest and greatest, as well as your classic favorites. Plan>It Interactive has hundreds of options to choose from and the West Coast’s largest inventory of arcade game rentals.

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After Burner

Supersonic dogfight!

Airline Pilots

Airline Pilots places you in the role of Pilot in Command for a Boeing 777 commercial aircraft.


A totally realistic radical experience but without the broken bones.

Alpine Racer

It's the latest advancement in full-action video sports simulators.

Alpine Surfer

Freeboard or gate race while you perform various airborne stunts.This snowboarding simulator rocks!

Aqua Jet

This "Aqua Jet" personal watercraft simulator delivers top of the line, heart-pounding action for everyone!

Arctic Thunder

This is a fast-paced, snowmobile adventure racing game.

Arkanoid (table top)

A 1980's classic!


Space ships and Asteroids...can you save the galaxy???

Bass Fishing

You don't have to buddy up to Charlie Tuna to get hooked on fishing in a stunning virtual lake.

Beat Mania Core remix

Follow along with the song by scratching the turntable!

Big Buck Hunter HD

Bring a true global hunting experience to your next event with the Big Buck Hunter HD Arcade Game!

Buck hunter Safari

Big Buck Safari brings a different tone and feel to the Big Buck franchise, however the same great game that players have come to love is the cornerstone of the game.


Blast the centipede and other insects.

Centipede Combo4

Four games in one! Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command, & Let's Go Bowling.

Clutch Hitter

Cool Baseball game.

Crane Game

Need a giveaway idea at a tradeshow booth, picnic, or indoor event?

Dance Dance Revolution

Step into the spotlight for the game that will make you feel like you're in a disco inferno!

Daytona 2

Put the pedal to the metal! With vibrant colors and roaring engines, race well known stock cars around the racetrack at unlimited speeds.

Donkey Kong (table top)

Donkey Kong - the ape has kidnapped Mario's girlfriend!

Donkey Kong Combo3

Three classic videos in one - Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., & Mario Bros.

Driving Simulators

The latest and greatest virtual Driving Simulators around!

F355 Ferrari Challenge

The thrilling driving sensations found in one of the world's most sophisticated racecars, the Ferrari F355.

Final Furlong Horse Racing

Horse Racing at its finest!

Foosball Table (10 Player)

Just like a regular Foosball table except now it's SUPERSIZED!


Try to get your frog from one side of the road, over the river, and into your home without going SPLAT!

Frogger (table top)

You are a frog who desperately wants to get to his lily pad.

Golden Tee Golf

One to four players take turns hacking away at an 18-hole course.

Gretzky Hockey

It's check or be checked in this all-out hockey brawl.

Guitar Freaks

Pick up your axe (guitar) off the rack, select a song, and follow along.

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Results 1 - 30 of 107
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